Channel Groups (Video 18 of 20)


How do I create and manage Channel Groups?
How do I control channels in Unison?
How do I control grouped channels individually?

This video will cover:
1. Build Groups
2. Control grouped channels in Unison or individually
3. Add groups to a group
4. Control Groups in the Envelope Editor
5. Change a Group’s merge mode

Event Groups (Video 20 of 20)


Create a specific action that occurs at a specific point in the timeline

This video will cover:
1. Add an event to an event track
2. Event properties
3. Use events to Run a timeline
4. Pause or Stop a Timeline with an event
5. Resume a Timeline with an event
6. Add an event track to the timeline

Tribute Show: “Neil Diamond – The Man, The Music”

Craig Stewart’s new amazing Neil Diamond Tribute Show: Neil Diamond – The Man, The Music.

Over two hours of Neil Diamond hits, synchronised with multiple projections and lighting.

Available for shows throughout Australia and beyond.

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