Tutorials Added

  1. Part 1 – Overview and Audio Tracks
    1. Main Screen, Timeline Overview, Audio Tracks, Audio Clips, Help Screens
  2. Part 2 – DJ Fixture Effects and Usage
    1. Lamp Tracks, Lamp Effects, Fixtures and Fixture Library, Lamp Preview Window
  3. Part 3 – Projects and Cues
    1. Project Window, Cue Control Window
  4. Part 4 – Sound and Lamp Effects
    1. Audio Clips and Tracks, Audio Settings/Sound Effects, Lamp Effects, Envelope Editor
  5. Part 5 – MIDI Control and Additional Features
    1. MIDI Input, Playlists, Events and Event Tracks, Lamp Calibration, Channel Routing, Virtual Control Surface, Channel Groups, Custom Lamp Chaser Sequences, Appearance Settings

Final Stages

A Few More Days!!!

We are in the final stages of the VenueMagic 2.0 DJ Edition product release.  As you can see from our website, we have been very busy preparing for the most exciting and revolutionary release DJ Lighting has seen in 20 years.  The Software is DONE, our product boxes are ready, the training is DONE, the CD disks are printing, the manual is DONE and we are just putting the final touches on the website and deciding the release date.  We are evaulating a number of methods for distribution and sales.  If you want to be part of this incredible release, sign up for a website account today.

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