Haunted Attractions

VenueMagic® is the ultimate haunt control software!

Quilmes_ZPH_253_Every seasoned haunter knows that the more sophisticated your haunt is, the more work it takes to run it.  Weeks or months of hard work culminate in one or more frantic nights of running around, controlling lights, clicking play on CD and MP3 players, triggering props and making sure everything is running smoothly.  Now, imagine controlling your whole haunt— lighting, music, sound effects, animatronics, and props—automatically from your laptop or desktop computer.  Just a click of the mouse sets your haunted house in motion, and you can take the rest of the night off to enjoy the show with your guests. VenueMagic makes all this possible.


What is VenueMagic?

VenueMagic is an amazing computer application that lets you program and run your entire haunted house from a Windows-based computer.  (For MAC users, it also runs great under Parallels).

Getting it all to work together.

With VenueMagic, lightning and thunder happen at the same time.  Pneumatic and electric props always trigger on cue and in the proper sequence.  Animatronics always work together and stay in sync with the audio.  Actor triggers, hidden foot pads and sensors set off a whole sequence of lights, sounds and prop effects rather than just trigger a single prop.

Is VenueMagic easy to use?

If you’ve had any experience with software that edits audio or video in a timeline-based editor, then learning VenueMagic is a snap.  If not, then there are online video tutorials that will get you up and going quickly.  This is the YouTube generation and any High School kid that can edit a video for social media will feel right at home using VenueMagic.

How many rooms do you have?

Whether you have a simple front yard haunt with some lights, a couple of props and a speaker; or a full 20-room haunt spectacular with hundreds of lights, dozens of speakers, and an army of props and animatronics, VenueMagic will manage it all.  Multiple rooms can run totally independent from each other, or you can have triggers and events in one room affect what happens in another.  VenueMagic is very flexible and infinitely scalable.  If your job is too big for one computer, you can link multiple computers running VenueMagic over standard Ethernet.

Escape Rooms.

Escape Rooms are the latest craze, and VenueMagic is all over it.  VenueMagic can control room elements based on input triggers from actors, guests and props. Conditional event triggering lets you define a set of conditions that must be met in order to run parts of the show with different options.  This is perfect for interactive, puzzle-solving adventures.

Quickly bring animatronics to life!

Star Tours Skeleton

Program your animatronics characters by recording in real-time as you control them with a PC joystick, or with a variety of other supported input devices.  Then go back and edit your recording on-screen, with an easy-to-use graphical editor, to fix mistakes and make everything line up perfectly. Character mouth motions can be taken from WAV files of your character’s dialog.

Get them coming back for more.

Finding it hard to cash in on return visits?  With VenueMagic, you can program random variations into your show so that your guests will have a different experience each time they return.  It’s like having multiple haunts in one!

Who’s using VenueMagic?

Universal Studios • Knotts’ Scary Farm • Chuck E Cheese • Six Flags • Zona Paranormal, Buenos Aires • Blumhouse Productions •  Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses, New York • Field of Screams, Maryland • Scare Grounds, Oregon • House of Shock, New Orleans • Reaper’s Revenge, Pennsylvania • and many more.

Discover for yourself.

VenueMagic is the fastest and easiest way to create amazing, professional-looking haunted houses and other thematic attractions that will dazzle your guests for years to come.