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Dances, Nightclubs & Parties…   VenueMagic® is ideal for adding spice to the dance floor by helping you create exciting, perfectly synchronized lightshows in no time.  VenueMagic’s intuitive, timeline-based approached to lighting design is powerful but easy to learn.  Anyone who has had experience with popular audio editing software such as Cubase, Pro Tools and Ableton live will find themselves in familiar territory.  The Virtual DJTM plug-in lets you control VenueMagic using the popular Virtual DJ Mixing software.   What you can do with VenueMagic:

  • Create spectacular synchronized light shows to enhance the music and control the mood for dance gigs and nightclub performances.
  • Easily provide a unique atmosphere for themed dances and parties (Halloween, 4th of July, etc…) using pre-built lighting and sound effects.
  • Create cues for on-demand audio and lighting effects (lightning/thunder, explosions, flashes, electrical effects, etc…).
  • Use any MIDI keyboard or drum pad to trigger cues and control their intensity (MIDI velocity control).
  • Manually control scene changes using a mouse or any MIDI controller.
  • Manually change chaser sequences on-the-fly.  Control their tempo with the beat-tapper feature.
  • Manually adjust lighting mood and audio levels on the fly with a mouse, joystick or any MIDI controller.

Special features for dances, night clubs and parties

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use timeline editing for both audio and lighting control, similar to popular audio editing software.
  • Library of over 100 built-in chaser sequences
  • Create your own custom chaser sequences.
  • Programmable cue buttons for quick, simple scene changes, or to run complex lighting sequences.
  • MIDI & DMX input lets you set light (and audio) levels in a scene.  Snapshot feature lets you record current levels into the timeline.
  • Beat tapper option for chaser speed control
  • MIDI control of cues, lamp levels, and audio levels.
  • Playlist with overlapping cues, fade-in, fade-out, etc…  Plays audio and timeline files.  Rearrange playback order on-the-fly.
  • Smooth blending of both audio and lighting across different songs.
  • Built-in library of over 200 audio sound effects clips.
  • Generates a printout of all your fixtures and their address switch settings to make fixture setup simpler.
  • Simultaneous output to multiple audio devices.
  • Virtual DJTM plugin.

Note: not all features are available in VenueMagic Express and Classic Editions.  For more information, see our product comparison chart.

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