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Running VenueMagic for the 1st time (Video 2 of 20)


This Tutorial shows how to Install and register VenueMagic. It also introduces you to the VenueMagic Manual, which you can use to gain deeper understanding of VenueMagic Features. You will learn how to check for VenueMagic updates and receive a basic overview of VenueMagic components.

This video will cover:
1. Install and Register VenueMagic
2. How to find answers in the VenueMagic Manual
3. How to Check for the latest updates
4. Basic overview of VenueMagic Components

Adobe PDF Reader:

Introduction to Audio Tracks (Video 3 of 20)


Learn how to add audio to your show and begin editing audio.

This video will cover:
1. Adding audio to a timeline
2. Resize the timeline
3. Playback Controls
4. Audio Clip Properties
5. Resize a clip
6. Split a clip
8. Save your work

Audio Tracks Part 2 (Video 4 of 20)


Learn more about editing audio for your show.

How do I use audio in VenueMagic?
How do I re-arrange tracks?
How do I change the track name?
How do I add my music to VenueMagic?

This video will cover:
1. Re-arrange Track order
2. Change Track Name
3. The Track Control Panel
a. Expand/Shrink Tracks
b. Mute tracks
c. Lock Tracks
d. Solo mode
e. Track Volume
Add audio files and folders to the project

Controlling DMX Lighting (Video 5 of 20)


How do I setup my DMX Interface?
How do I add my fixtures to my project?
How do I add the fixture to the timeline
How do I preview my lamps in VenueMagic?
How do I control DMX devices in VenueMagic?

This video will cover:
1. Setup a DMX interface
2. Add Fixtures to the project
3. Add Fixtures to the timeline
4. Lamp Preview Window
5. Introduction to Control Tracks
6. Add a fixture effect to a control track

Fixture Effects – Built in Effects (Video 6 of 20)


What are Fixture Effects?
What can I do with Fixture Effects?
How do I temporarily disable or “mute” my fixtures?
How do I change the Lamp Preview Color?
How do I adjust Fixture Effects?

This video will cover:
1. Introduction to fixture effects
2. Disable (“Mute”) control tracks
3. Add Fixture Effects to the Timeline
4. Change Lamp Preview Color
5. Adjust Fixture clip Settings
a. Choose the Type or Variation of an effect
b. Modify global parameters
c. Modify the behavior individual channels

Fixture Effects – Chasers (Video 7 of 20)


What are VenueMagic Chasers?
How do I adjust Chaser speed?
How do I quickly and easily create light shows?
How do I quickly sync my lights to the music?
Can I use a beat tapper in VenueMagic?

This video will cover:
1. Create a new project
2. Change the Chaser Effect properties
3. Choose a chaser pattern from pre-programed Chasers
4. Chaser speed
5. Loop Playback
6. Change chaser sequence
7. Sync Chaser to the beat of the music
8. Beat Tapper

Fixture Effects – Level Control Effects (Video 8 of 20)


What is the Level Control Effect?
How do I adjust the curve type of an envelope?
How do I resize a level control clip?
Can I crop a level control clip?

This video will cover:
1. Add a single channel to a track
2.  Add individual channels to the Lamp Preview window
3. Controlling levels from the clip
4. Edit Envelopes in the Timeline Editor
5. Set Envelope Curve Type to Step, Linear, or Spline
6. Resize Level Control by
a. Scaling or
b. Cropping

The Envelope Editor – Zoomed (Video 9 of 20)


How do I precisely control DMX devices/fixtures?
How do I use the VenueMagic Envelope Editor?
How do I adjust the envelope curve type?

This video will cover:
1. Open the Envelope Editor
2. Overview of the Envelope Editor
3. Show/Hide Envelope
4. Select an Envelope
5. Adjust Envelope handles to create desired effect
6. Add Handles
7. Choose Curve Type
8. Select multiple handles
9. Remove handles
10. Playback control in Editor
11. Playback multiple tracks in Envelope Editor
12. Zoom in and out

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