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What is VenueMagic?

VenueMagic is computer software for programming and controlling DMX lighting, music, sound effects, video, props, animatronics and more. All of this is programmed using a simple but sophisticated graphical editor.  A set of online video tutorials gets you started in no time.

VenueMagic Main Screen

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Windows 7, 8, and 10.

What will VenueMagic do for me?

There was a time when making movies was only for big production studios because they were the only ones in town that could afford it.  Today, there are inexpensive high-definition cameras and sophisticated video production software available to everyone at a reasonable price.  Nowadays, just about anyone with the right talents can produce a blockbuster movie at home. The same holds true for people like you who want to create amazing light shows, theme park quality haunted houses or other attractions.  The proper equipment to program lighting, audio, props and animatronics at that level has always been way out of your price range.  Not any more! 

VenueMagic gives you all the capabilities—and much more—of a major theater or theme park attraction show control system but at a much more affordable price.

Maybe you’re a DJ, band or work in a small theater.  VenueMagic gives you the power to control DMX lighting and music playback together, at a price that is lower than most other controllers on the market that do lighting only.

Regardless of what you do, with VenueMagic your work will have the astounding, professional look you’ve always dreamed of without doing serious damage to your wallet.

Familiar with audio or video editing?

Timeline editor

If you’ve had any experience with DAW’s or video editing then you will feel right at home with VenueMagic.  It’s simple drag and drop, timeline-based interface is easy to learn and use.  Timelines include tracks for audio, lighting and event control.  This unique approach eliminates the need for cumbersome step-by-step programming of lighting cues that is common in most DMX lighting controllers.  Lighting effects are dragged onto tracks and manipulated just as audio clips are.

If you’re not familiar with audio or video editing, don’t worry.  VenueMagic’s set of Getting Started tutorials will get you through the basics.

Build your own user interfaces

VenueMagic Screens is a powerful graphical user interface design tool that lets you create your own user interfaces with on-screen buttons, sliders, lamps, images and more, all with a simple drag-and-drop editor.  Add video windows to your screens with the optional plugin.  Use VenueMagic Screens to create the perfect interface to give you total control of your show.  Create elaborate touchscreen puzzles for your escape room.  You no longer to need to hire expensive programmers to create professional-looking computer displays.  You can do it all with VenueMagic!  VenueMagic Screens is included with the VenueMagic SC+ and SC2+ editions.

Custom User Interface

What is VenueMagic used for?

VenueMagic is a general show control solution. Many of its features center around themed attractions such as:

  • haunted houses 
  • escape rooms
  • theme parks
  • museums
  • family entertainment centers

However, VenueMagic is also perfectly at home with:

  • DJ's, night clubs
  • live performances
  • houses of worship
  • architectural lighting

Haunted Houses

Recommended VenueMagic editions: DMX+AV, DMX2+AV, SC+, SC2+

Haunted Attractions

The best haunted attractions give patrons a sense it is a living, thinking thing that’s very much aware of them.  A single prop in a room that pops out when a patron steps on a pad is nice, but what if the whole room came to life?  Maybe there’s lightning, a crash of thunder and the lights go out. Then candles flame up, an organ starts playing creepy music and a haunting voice from nowhere welcomes the ill-fated adventurers to their doom!  All of this triggered by a single hidden pad or sensor.  With VenueMagic your guests will never feel… alone!

VenueMagic was originally designed to be the ultimate haunt controller software but has since grown far beyond that.  However, VenueMagic has not forgotten its roots.  It remains the most sophisticated and easiest way available to control haunted houses and other Halloween-centered attractions.

  • Professional and mega-haunts
  • The simple home haunt

Does your haunt have many rooms with their own story to tell?  VenueMagic is a perfect haunt controller that will control multiple zones simultaneously, each with its own audio, lighting, props, sensors and actor triggers.  Your entire facility can be controlled from a single location.  Adjust sound and light levels remotely to create the perfect mood.  No more sprinting from room to room to turn on lights and MP3 players to get your haunt going (or to keep it going).  With VenueMagic, you can startup your whole haunt literally with the click of a button.  If one computer isn’t enough, you can link VenueMagic installations together across multiple locations over a LAN.

Bring your animatronics to life

Nothing adds more life to your haunt than some frighteningly realistic animatronic props.  VenueMagic has powerful animatronics programming and control features  that are second to none.  Record animatronics in real-time using a joystick or other supported device.  Then go back and edit your recording on-screen with an easy-to-use graphical editor to fix mistakes and make everything line up perfectly.  Programming creature mouth movements is made easier by extracting information from an audio WAV file of the spoken dialog.

Animatronics control

Tone it down for the kids…

Too scary for the afternoon crowd?  Program alternate, less-scary versions of your haunt for younger groups.  Then, with the click of a button, you’re ready for the little ghosties to come out and play.  When it gets late, switch back to the “adult” version for maximum scare effect.  VenueMagic will even switch it over automatically based on the time of day or even the day of the week.

Fire marshal on your back?

VenueMagic cannot put out fires, but with some additional hardware, a little wiring and some easy programming you can plug VenueMagic into your fire alarm system.  In the event of an emergency VenueMagic can automatically stop the show, turn on the lights and even broadcast an emergency message over all the speakers.  The fire inspector will love you for it!

Escape Rooms

Recommended VenueMagic editions: SC+, SC2+

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are the latest craze and VenueMagic is all over it.  In addition to handling all your lighting, audio and prop control needs, VenueMagic can also trigger action based on specific conditions like switch sequences and combinations.  Many puzzles that would normally require expensive custom hardware and programming can be done easily with VenueMagic.  VenueMagic's graphical user interface builder is great for making computer-based puzzles.  You can create your own custom escape room controller and clue system. Just tell us what you want to do and we’ll show you how to make VenueMagic do it!

DJ’s, Night Clubs

Recommended VenueMagic editions: Express, Classic, DMX+AV

DJ's, Night Clubs

As a great DJ, you command not just the dance floor but the entire room.  The mood, the energy and the emotions of everyone in the room are subject to your whim.  VenueMagic gives you the power to summon the perfect music and DMX lighting you need with the click of a button.  Choose from a library of over 100 lighting chaser effects or create some of your own.  A few clicks to the beat-tapper will synchronize the chasers to the beat of the music.  Adjust audio playback and lighting levels with your favorite MIDI control surface.  For those special songs, create your own spectacular light and sound experiences that play immediately with a mouse click.  Your customers will be amazed at the power you have over their guests.  VenueMagic makes you the master of your domain! 

Build playlists

Build playlists of timelines (or just songs) that will play through the night.  Add, remove and re-arrange songs in the playlist screen on-the-fly.

Thematic events

Have a gig with a Halloween theme?  With VenueMagic you’re ready to give the guests a mind-blowing haunted experience.  Instantly conjure up lightning & thunder, ghost, ghouls, werewolves, screams and all manner of terrifying manifestations with a button click.  VenueMagic includes a built-in library of sound effects ready for use, or, add some of your own.  A set of pre-made lighting effects like lightning, candlelight, explosions and more make setting up custom cues a breeze.


Need a teleprompter for a Karaoke gig?  VenueMagic’s got that too.  Program lyrics into a timeline by yourself or import LRC files for your song list.

Theater / Live Performances / Stage Bands

Recommended VenueMagic editions: Classic, DMX+AV, DMX2+AV

Theater, Live Performances, Stage Bands

Technically speaking…

VenueMagic’s unique ability to combine live control of lighting and audio with pre-programmed sequences makes it ideal for theater and other live performances.  Quickly add complicated cues during rehearsals and adjust them to the director’s vision in seconds rather than minutes.  Tech Week becomes a breeze because even major changes can be made rapidly and easily.  Music, sound effects, lighting and prop control are always in sync because VenueMagic’s powerful timeline-based editor lets you see how every element of a cue is laid out—all in one place.  Running a cue during the performance is as simple as clicking a button on the screen.  Or use your favorite MIDI controller to trigger cues and adjust lighting and audio levels on-the-fly.  VenueMagic is a tech’s dream come true!

Light-up the band!

Are you a small band wishing you could back your performances with an impressive light show?  Are you a tribute band struggling to faithfully live up to the technical prowess of the original?  Maybe you can’t afford to add a DMX lighting guy so you settle for a few stage lights in sound activated mode.   Does your lighting seem more like an afterthought rather than the professional mega-concert spectacle you really dream of?  VenueMagic will give you that epic lightshow you always wanted and you don’t need a professional lighting designer to do it.  The secret is in VenueMagic’s unique drag-and-drop timeline approach to show design. 

Start by dragging an audio clip of your performance onto a VenueMagic timeline track, preferably something that includes a click-track in one channel.  Then design your lighting by dragging over lighting effects onto the tracks below it.  You can choose from a library of chasers, moving head and other effects, or graphically create effects of your own.  Slide the clips around to make sure they all line up to the performance the way you want.  During the performance, you can use the click track to make sure that music and lighting stay synched at every beat.  It’s really that simple!  Because it’s so easy, you spend your time creating rather than fumbling through a clumsy, temperamental lighting console.  VenueMagic is meant for artists, not just engineers.  Check out our Getting Started tutorials.

One man shows

VenueMagic is great for solo artists who don’t have someone to run the technical part of the show while they’re up there on the stage.  VenueMagic will let you design and setup DMX lighting and audio cues that you can fire-off from the stage during your performance using a PC joystick or MIDI console.  For magicians, VenueMagic is great with prop control (see Haunted Attractions, Escape Rooms).

What People Are Saying about VenueMagic


"I've been using VenueMagic to control the lights and sound for my illusion show for many years now. As an illusionist, I've used VenueMagic in some crazy ways! The support team has been stellar every step of the way any time I got stuck with one of my ideas. I love interfacing with the team because I know I will get professional help in a timely manner. Thank you, VenueMagic, for helping me to bring my magic to my fans!"

Matt Adams
Master Illusionist


"VenueMagic has absolutely revolutionized everything that I have been doing with haunted houses and escape rooms. The level of detail and control it provides is incredible and can be consolidated to the press of one button!"

Dexter Morgan
Crisis Rooms, Escape Room Designer

Crisis Rooms


"I just wanted to thank you for the awesome customer support and share a little of the work I have been doing with Venue Magic.  The software does all that I hoped it would, running the video, lights, fogger, backing tracks, and a click track.  This is the first DMX software I have worked with, but still have been able to create some quality scenes."

Tony Moore
Stage Performer


"Thank you for creating an amazing product that allows us to create amazing things!"

Justin Fisher

Haunt Owner, Designer


"Venuemagic has been way easier and faster to set up effects and patterns than other programs I've used in the past.  Thank you! You guys are fantastic!"

AJ Conrad


"I just want to let you know that the software kicks [butt]! We ran our show with a dozen MAC 700’s and a ton of other stuff and it killed. The thing I like is that the software was flawless, no crashing, saving issues, etc… I will definitely be recommending it to my peers. I was nervous about moving away from a board but I’m glad I did."

Jeffrey Bruno

And Now, a Word from Our Sponsored...

We've sponsored a band or two.  We also like to help out with special projects created by inspiring young people.  If you are part of a non-profit, educational or community organization, contact us at  We can offer discounts on VenueMagic or sometimes even a full sponsorship.

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