VenueMagic Screens

Haunt Control Screen

Design and produce your own, fully functional computer display screens with VenueMagic Screens, the latest addition to VenueMagic’s unrivaled set of show control tools.  Make your haunt or escape room easier to manage with a customized set of control screens that you create using an intuitive, drag-and-drop screen editor.  Invent your own touchscreen-based escape room puzzles tailored to the look and feel you desire.  VenueMagic Screens is included with VenueMagic SC+ edition and above.

Who’s got the button?

Add buttons to play timelines by simply dragging a timeline from the Project window onto the screen editor.  Then customize the button’s appearance to match the look you want.  Design your own buttons using any image editing software to really show off your artistic flair.

It’s more than buttons

In addition to buttons, VenueMagic also gives you a collection of screen objects like indicator lights, bar graphs, numeric displays, sliders, gauges, labels and more. You’ll find whatever you need to give your screens the functionality you want.  All screen objects are customizable, so your screens don’t have to look like everyone else’s.

Mission control 

VenueMagic Screens gives you the tools you need to give your control room a high-end, professional look.  Make screens to control light levels and audio volume, or to turn on/off various props and effects. Monitor puzzles, door locks and sensor status.  Keep track of prop activations. Trigger lightning, thunder, screams and other ghostly effects on demand with the push of a button.

Escape rooms puzzles

Together with VenueMagic’s powerful logic control features, VenueMagic Screens will enable you to design beautiful, fully customized touch screen puzzles that will astound your guests.  Put in your own background images to create the exact look you need.  Create complex, dynamic screens with multi-level menus and give your guests a dazzling, fast-paced experience.  No need to hire expensive programmers to design computer screens for your escape room.  With VenueMagic Screens you can do it yourself!

Master the game

VenueMagic Screens can be used to display pre-programmed text clues on demand.  Numerical displays can show a game clock countdown in hours, minutes and seconds.  Indicator lights reveal your guest’s progress through game puzzles and the story.  Many of the features of professional escape room game software can be easily reproduced using VenueMagic Screens.  And everything is tailored by you to reflect your own unique vision.

Multiple monitors?

VenueMagic Screens will let you put displays on up to 4 monitors at a time (if supported by your graphics adaptor).

Add video windows

With the optional plug-in, you can add video windows to your screens that will play video files on command.  Escape rooms can use video to give instructions or clues, or for cool animations on your touchscreen puzzles.

Haunt Control Screen
Escape Room Puzzle Screen 1
Escape Room Puzzle Screen 3
Escape Room Clue  Screen
Escape Room Puzzle Screen 2
Escape Room Puzzle Screen 4