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VenueMagic® will handle all of your audio and lighting control for you haunt controller.  Ever create a mix-down of music and sound effects for your haunted house and then have to go back and do it over again (and again, and again…) because it just wasn’t matching the lighting effects you wanted?  With VenueMagic, this is no longer a problem because you can create your entire soundtrack right on a VenueMagic timeline.  Simply lay down a music track, then fill additional tracks with your own sound effects or select from VenueMagic’s library of over 200 sound effects.  Add lighting tracks and drop lightings effects to your liking.  Then slide them around on the timeline until everything’s just the way you want it.  Real-time record DMX/MIDI/Joystick recording feature with profile editor makes it a powerful animatronics controller.  VenueMagic is the perfect haunt controller.

Unlimited audio tracks “side-by-side” on a timeline with unlimited lamp control tracks makes it easy to line things up just the way you want them.

What you can do with VenueMagic:

  • Quickly put together shows with precisely synchronized sound effects, music and lighting effects.
  • Cue playback of timelines using mouse, keyboard, MIDI or joystick input.
  • Simultaneously run multiple timelines either sequenced or independently (zoning).
  • Simultaneously output audio to an unlimited number of audio outputs devices.
  • Adjust audio and lamp track levels on the fly using DMX, MIDI or joystick input.

Special features for special events, haunted houses, etc…

  • Built-in library of intelligent special lighting effects, including lightning, candlelight, sparks, explosions, fireworks, paparazzi, sunrise/sunset and much more…
  • Built-in library of over 200 audio sound effects clips
  • Layer effects onto audio clips, including echo, reverb, chorus and flange.
  • Cross-fadeback feature lets you extend the length of sound effect clips by seamlessly fading them back onto themselves.  Great for long-duration background noises.
  • Individual master level control for each audio and lamp control track
  • Channel grouping lets you divide lighting into multiple, independently controlled zones.
  • Precisely timed MIDI output events for controlling external devices.
  • Date/time scheduler for automated timeline playback.
  • Simultaneous output to multiple audio devices.

Note: not all features are available in VenueMagic Express and Classic Editions.  For more information, see our product comparison chart.

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