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Other Uses for the Envelope Editor (Video 10 of 20)


How would I change the audio volume at different parts of the show?
Can I add sound effects to my audio within VenueMagic?
Can I adjust sound effects on the timeline?
Can I change the color of the envelope in the envelope editor?
Can I control Fixture effects with an envelope?

This video will cover:
1. Edit Pan and Volume Envelopes in an audio clip
2. Enable Sound Effects
3. Control Sound Effects
4. Control Sound Effects in the envelope Editor
5. Change Envelope Color
6. Control Chaser speed and brightness in the Envelope Editor
7. Control Built In fixture effect parameters with an envelope

Envelope Editor with Colors (Video 11 of 20)


Use a color Picker to instantly select the color for an RGB lamp.

This video will cover:
1. Test that individual channels are properly set up
2. Rename a fixture
3. Creating Color Handles
4. Use the color selector to choose the RGB Lamp’s color
5. Add color handles to endpoints

Control Tracks – Channel Merging (Video 12 of 20)


How do control a single channel from multiple locations?
How do I change how the output from different locations merge to control the channel?

This video will cover:
1. Select a track’s channels using the Control Track Properties
2. Add individual channels to a track
3. Select the channel merge mode
a. Highest Takes Precedence
b. Add
c. Scale
d. Override

Timeline Editor and Track Groups (Video 14 of 20)


How do I organize and manage large projects?
How do I use Timeline Pages?

This video will cover:
1. Group Tracks together
2. Re-Arrange tracks in a timeline
3. Re-name a track group
4. Ungroup a track group
5. Delete a group
4. Create Timeline Pages
5. Organize Timeline Pages
6. Playback entire timelines or just a single page in a Timeline.

Cue Buttons and Cue List (Video 15 of 20)


Basically, Cue Buttons allow you to run multiple timelines at a time, from a single button. There are many more features, but in this tutorial, we will just introduce the basics.

How do I run multiple timelines simultaneously?
How do I use cues?
How do I loop a Cue?
How do I pause or stop a cue?
How do I program a cue so it will only run once?

This video will cover:
1. Run a timeline from a Cue Button
2. Re-arrange Cue Buttons
3. Change Cue name
4. Add and remove Cue Buttons
5. Create and Edit Cue Groups
6. Button Properties
7. Add another line to your button title
8. Edit button so you can only run one instance of a timeline at a time
9. Introduction to foreground and background timelines
10. Cue List Introduction
11. Play, Pause and Loop individual Cues in the Cue list
12. Play, Pause or Loop All Cues in the Cue list
13. Mute all audio playback
14. Zero out channel output

Virtual Control Surface (Video 16 of 20)


How do I virtually create inputs?
How do I control master volume and lamp level?
How do I use the VenueMagic Virtual Control Surface?

This video will cover:
1. Add Custom Sliders
2. Change Slider Properties
3. Add VCS Groups

Channel Groups (Video 18 of 20)


How do I create and manage Channel Groups?
How do I control channels in Unison?
How do I control grouped channels individually?

This video will cover:
1. Build Groups
2. Control grouped channels in Unison or individually
3. Add groups to a group
4. Control Groups in the Envelope Editor
5. Change a Group’s merge mode