Tutorials Added

  1. Part 1 – Overview and Audio Tracks
    1. Main Screen, Timeline Overview, Audio Tracks, Audio Clips, Help Screens
  2. Part 2 – DJ Fixture Effects and Usage
    1. Lamp Tracks, Lamp Effects, Fixtures and Fixture Library, Lamp Preview Window
  3. Part 3 – Projects and Cues
    1. Project Window, Cue Control Window
  4. Part 4 – Sound and Lamp Effects
    1. Audio Clips and Tracks, Audio Settings/Sound Effects, Lamp Effects, Envelope Editor
  5. Part 5 – MIDI Control and Additional Features
    1. MIDI Input, Playlists, Events and Event Tracks, Lamp Calibration, Channel Routing, Virtual Control Surface, Channel Groups, Custom Lamp Chaser Sequences, Appearance Settings

Ben Holmes

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