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Featured Videos Added

New Fixture Forum Created

So far I have received the following fixture requests via email. I’ve added them here and invite everyone to add additional requests in this forum to help reduce duplication 

American DJ 46HP LED
American DJ 64WH LED pro
Chauvet Min wash
Omnisistem LED PAR 36
Elation Design PAR 575H
Chauvet Scorpion Series
Additional Generic Fixtures up to 20 Channels

Also on that last note, remember you can chain Generic Channels together to create whatever kind of fixture you need to have. This allows you to basically create any fixture you need immediately. For Example the Scorpion Sky could be put together as follows:

1: Generic 1 Channel – Mode
2: Generic 1 Channel – Pattern Selection
3-4: Generic Scan Head – Pan/Tilt
5: Generic 1 Channel – Size
6: Generic 1 Channel – Speed

You can also double click on each Generic fixture as you added it and change the name to the correct channel name.

Advanced Users Only… Once you create the fixture you can then create a fixture group and combine all of the individual Generic Fixtures you created above into a single group. This will allow you to more conveniently assign the fixture to different tracks in your timeline.

Remember to post whatever you need added as well so we can make our database the most complete in the DJ Lighting Industry.

Tutorials Added

  1. Part 1 – Overview and Audio Tracks
    1. Main Screen, Timeline Overview, Audio Tracks, Audio Clips, Help Screens
  2. Part 2 – DJ Fixture Effects and Usage
    1. Lamp Tracks, Lamp Effects, Fixtures and Fixture Library, Lamp Preview Window
  3. Part 3 – Projects and Cues
    1. Project Window, Cue Control Window
  4. Part 4 – Sound and Lamp Effects
    1. Audio Clips and Tracks, Audio Settings/Sound Effects, Lamp Effects, Envelope Editor
  5. Part 5 – MIDI Control and Additional Features
    1. MIDI Input, Playlists, Events and Event Tracks, Lamp Calibration, Channel Routing, Virtual Control Surface, Channel Groups, Custom Lamp Chaser Sequences, Appearance Settings