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VenueMagic 3.5 Released

VenueMagic-The Show Control Solution

The much-awaited release of VenueMagic 3.5 is here!

The most powerful and comprehensive show control software in the world just got better. For over 10 years, VenueMagic's unique graphical timeline-based approach to show control has set the standard for sophistication and ease-of-use in the show control world.  Now VenueMagic takes another leap forward with some exciting new features.
VenueMagic Screens

VenueMagic now includes a full-featured graphical user interface development tool. Create your own operator control panels by dragging and dropping buttons, sliders, lamps, numerical displays, images and more.  Great for theater/live performances, haunted attractions, escape rooms and many other venues.  VenueMagic Screens is available in VenueMagic SC+ and SC2+ Editions.  Click here for more information.

Custom User Interface
Custom Escape Room Puzzle
ASIO Audio Interface
VenueMagic now supports audio hardware that use ASIO.  This includes a wide variety of pro-audio interfaces such as Dante®, MOTU®, Allen & Heath® and others.  Tested to over 200 tracks of up to 24-bit audio spread across 64 channels (via Dante Virtual Soundcard) for certain applications.  ASIO is available in VenueMagic DMX+AV, DMX2+AV, SC+ and SC2+ editions.
MOTU 24ao
New Animatronics Features
VenueMagic already gives you animatronics programming features that are second to none.  We've just added a few more features to push the envelope even further. 

Complex Coordinated Movements
Now you can control multiple animatronics movements in a coordinated fashion using a single input. For example, suppose you have a sophisticated animatronics head that requires the coordination of several channels to produce a smile.  You can use VenueMagic's graphical editor to program the smile movement and then assign that movement to a slider, or other input device.  Move the slider and all of the channels work together to form the smile. This feature is available in VenueMagic SC+ and SC2+ editions.

More Precise Channel Calibration
The improved Fixture Calibration window gives you more precise control for setting min and max ranges of movement, scaling and acceleration limits.  The Fixture Calibration window is available in VenueMagic Classic and above.
Try VenueMagic 3.5 Today!
If you already own VenueMagic, you can download and install Version 3.5 as a free upgrade.  If you're interested in knowing more about VenueMagic, please click here for information and to get your free 15-day trial!  

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The Passages

The Passages traveling bible exhibit presented LifeFormations of Bowling Green, Ohio with unique challenges for a show control solution. The solid state reliability and numerous output options of the Weigl ProCommander proved to be the ideal choice.

LifeFormations provided five ultra-realistic human animatronic figures, as well as, approximately 2,000 sq ft of set work for two major scenes in the attraction.

Each of the four animatronic scenes includes DMX lighting, with all scenes driven by a centrally located Weigl control system triggered by Weigl Motion Detectors.

The four Weigl ProCommanders combined with Weigl motion sensors provided a solution that adapted with the needs of the exhibit and offered LifeFormations more time to focus on the realistic human figures.

Show programming done in VenueMagic SC+ Show control Software.

Field of Screams

 Field of Screams Halloween

The Attractions of Scream City

Entirely controlled by VenueMagic SC+

  • Three separate attractions.
  • Over 500 lighting effects.
  • 48 channels of audio.
  • Fully integrated with safety system

Trail of Terror


Trail of Terror

A 35 min walk through a haunted forest best known for being the place where a farmer from Dream City lost his life and was skinned alive by the most powerful werewolf in the world who is competing to rule over all of Scream City.

Lusion ManorLusion Manor

The home of the powerful Lusion Family where Angelica Lusion originally dreamt up and designed Dream City and where Antoine Damian her husband ultimately schemed with his twin daughters to destroy it and turn it into the evil Scream City. This terrifying tour is unlike anything you have seen as you visit every room in their manor house including the attic where some are known to have never returned from.

Hades HayrideHades’ Hayride

A hayride like few have every experienced!!! The cornfield of this old farm is haunted by several of the evil clans that were conjured up by the Lusions and who rule parts of Scream City. There is a rumor that something so frightening that few can even look at it escaped the underworld and dwells within in the corn.

Kalila Adventure

The industry veterans at LifeFormations in Bowling Green, Ohio were tasked with developing a twenty-four minute multi-media theater show, Kalila Adventure, at the Ancol Dreamland in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Kalila Adventure Animatronic Show

LifeFormations’ scope included the design and production of twenty-three animatronic characters. It includes a Weigl based control system for the pre show and main show lighting (which included 75 fixtures), video (with 12 track audio) and 256 digital outputs for the animatronics, rain and wind effects, curtains, and mechanical lifts.

Utilizing the open Weigl protocol, they deployed a user control interface via touchscreen to provide easy operation for the theater staff.

A single WEMC-1 ProCommander and eight DIO-32 D-Commander output modules were leveraged to create a unified control system. The solid-state architecture of the ProCommander allows for reliable playback and easy updates.

Animatronics and other effects were were designed and tested using VenueMagic SC+ and then downloaded to the WEMC-1 for standalone operation.

Alien IQ

Character Dynamics, LTD creates a unique interactive game show.

Character Dynamics Alien IQ KioskAlien IQ features a highly interactive alien that plays Sci-Fi trivia against a human opponent. The challenge for Character Dynamics was to create seamless audio and show transitions to simulate the alien’s reactions to various outcomes throughout the game.

Character Dynamics created a custom game logic board for the project when they were planning on using a different show controller. However, they were pleased to find no extra equipment was required to create the game using a WEMC-1 ProCommander, which supports variables and conditional logic-based control.

Character Dynamics Alien IQ AnimatronicsThe project used one WEMC-1 ProCommander and one DIO32 D-Commander to control 35 digital channels, 7 digital inputs and 16 DMX channels. Character Dynamics used VenueMagic SC+ to program 45 minutes of continuous show data in, what they estimate as, “about half of the time it would have taken using other show control software”. They attributed this to the intuitive editing tools and tight integration with the hardware.

The wealth of features and ease of use of between Weigl hardware and VenueMagic SC+ enabled Character Dynamics to design a truly “out of this world” interactive experie

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