VenueMagic user creates custom Color Chaser

Below is an actual email our support team received from one of our favorite VenueMagic users:

“We have come up with a solution to assign any one of 16M colors to chaser lamps. Since all RGB lamps have 3 built-in DMX channels, the user simply assigns A to Red, B to Green, and C to Blue. Then, in the formula, the first lamp is comprised of the formula ABC. Next, the user adds the [Lxx] parameter prior to each DMX channel. Any color can be created by adjusting the RGB level percentages.


I am using 4 lamps: Tripod 1 has F4 and F5, and Tripod 2 has F6 and F7.

They are on diagonals.

Lamp F4 is ABC

Lamp F5 is DEF

Lamp F6 is GHI

Lamp F7 is JKL


In Chaser BT_FBLRC1, I am using Red for lamps F4 and F6, and Yellow for lamps F5 and F7. This blankets the left diagonal of the dance floor with Red, and the right diagonal of the dance floor with Yellow.


Here is the formula for Chaser BT_FBLRC1:




The chaser compiles and runs great.


We will have 20 lights – but the beat will be retained by F4-F7 – as synchronized by the virtual DJ VenueMagic plugin.”

Ashley Nolan

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