VenueMagic 2.1 Official Release Announcement

VenueMagic’s unique timeline approach to lighting control makes it easy to synchronize audio and lighting effects, by letting you see them “side-by-side” on a timeline.  Drag and drop multiple layers of audio and lamp effect clips and line them up in tracks on a timeline.  The DMX channel router lets you adjust DMX levels on-the-fly (while timelines are running) using your favorite MIDI or DMX console.  Or you can use VenueMagic’s Virtual Control Surface, a unlimited set of programmable sliders that work well with both mouse and touchscreens.  A set of programmable cue buttons can be used to run timelines instantly with a click, or a touch.  These capabilites makes VenueMagic ideal software for controlling stage lighting and audio, DJ lightshows, nightclubs lighting, and Halloween haunted house control. VenueMagic 2.1 is offered at an introductory price of $347 for download, or $397 including the VM-USBDMX-01 DMX adaptor.

Don Nolan

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