Stage Productions, Pageants…


Stage Productions, Pageants…

VenueMagic® is ideal for designing and controlling audio and lighting for stage and other performances.  The timeline editor lets you setup your audio and lighting effects in no time.  Making changes later on (such as during rehearsals when the director keeps changing his/her mind) is as simple as clicking dragging audio and lighting effect clips on the timeline.

VenueMagic even lets you make manual adjustments to audio and lighting levels on-the-fly during timeline playback.  You can do this with VenueMagic’s programmable slider controls or use your favorite DMX or MIDIslider console.

What you can do with VenueMagic:

  • Easily design and control all audio and lighting for a theatrical stage presentation.
  • Create interactive timelines that playback every scene perfectly, every time, but still let you to make lighting, audio and timing adjustments on-the-fly.
  • Easily adjust light levels and color balancing on demand.
  • Quickly and easily make on-demand changes to lighting and audio clues during rehearsals or even during performances (if you dare).
  • Manually cue hard sound and lighting effects during performances.
  • Control all lamp/audio level and cueing using you favorite MIDI or DMX slider console.

Special features for stage productions

  • Built-in library of over 200 audio sound effects clips
  • Built-in library of intelligent special lighting effects, including lightning, candlelight, sparks, explosions, fireworks, paparazzi, sunrise/sunset and much more…
  • Special synchronized effects for moving heads.
  • Individual master level control for each audio track lets you easily balance music, narration, ambient sounds and incidental sound effects on the fly.
  • Individual master level control for lamp control track.
  • Interfaces with any MIDI or DMX slider console to control volume and run scenes remotely.
  • Timeline editing makes it easy to shift and adjust audio and lighting cues.
  • Layer multiple lighting effects on different tracks to the same lamps
  • Channel grouping lets you divide stage lighting into zones.  All lamps in a group can be manually adjusted together for brightness and color balance.
  • Channel override feature for direct control of lighting.
  • Non-linear synchronized playback of audio and lighting is great for rehearsals.  Drag the time cursor and start playback anywhere in a timeline.
  • Timeline markers for labeling important scene cues.
  • Simultaneous output to multiple audio devices.

Note: not all features are available in VenueMagic Express and Classic Editions.  For more information, see our product comparison chart.

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