New Release Uploaded

  • Timeline Markers
  • Play timelines in foreground during Events and Cues
  • Note fields available in most dialogs
  • Improved Beat Tapper
  • Flash Lighting Effect
  • All Pan/Tilt Lighting Effects have been enhanced to allow more flexibility
  • New Lighting Fixtures added to library

In the next few weeks we will also be making pre-built shows available to purchase and download.  The intention is to build a library that you will be able to just take and use in your own shows.  In order to do this effectively, we would like to get feedback on what people out there are using as a primary setup.  For example, one of our customers uses four LED Lights and four Moving Head lights, so we have already created a number of different timelines around this setup.  Please post your feedback and suggestions in the forums.

Ben Holmes

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