How do I assign an audio channel to an Audio Track?

First, go to Devices/Setup Devices and click on the audio tab. Then click “Add” to add each of your separate audio outputs into VenueMagic. Normally, audio outputs are added as stereo pairs.  However, adding an ASIO audio output gives you a single channel rather than a stereo pair. Before using ASIO you must set it up by clicking Setup ASIO.  ASIO is only available in VenueMAgic DMX+AV and above.

You can then set each audio track to a different audio output: Open up a timeline and double click on an audio track to open the Audio Track Properties window. Click on the Audio tab. Select your output device, then select the audio channels you want to use (Left, Right, or Stereo).  For ASIO, you are given the option of selecting one or two ASIO channels for a single track.

Ashley Nolan

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