August 16, 2011 Agua Dulce, CA

VenueMagic 2.5 SC+ RELEASE


VenueMagic 2.5 SC+ is being released by the creators, Entertainment Sciences Group, Inc. (ESG). VenueMagic 2.5 SC+ brings a whole new dimension to total Show Control.

Now the everyday show control software user will have the additional high end tools and features used by the professionals in an everyday user format. The VenueMagic 2.5 SC+ release opens innovative doors for increased diversity to show control marketplace customers.

Below are just a few of the numerous new control features now available in the VenueMagic 2.5 SC+ software.

  • Multi-universe
  • Virtual DJ Lighting Control Plugin
  • External Synching to midi clock/ltc & SMPTE
  • Logic control - once all conditions have been met or satisfied the corresponding event is triggered. For example: Animatronics
  • Real-time recording of show in progress including DMX, midi and more
  • Graphical editing of recorded DMX data
  • Ethernet ability to Sync multiple copies of VenueMagic
  • TELNET Server
  • 100’s of built in macros and chasers
  • Controls fireworks
  • Replace broken fixtures on the fly, automatically maps replacement fixture regardless of manufacturer
  • Control motorized sliders with ability to group

Get your access to the VenueMagic 2.5 SC+ BETA version at our Facebook page by clicking the Like button below and then following the link to our page:



VenueMagic Facebook Page


The new VenueMagic VirtualDJ DMX Lighting and Show Control Plugin. This plugin allows you to control VenueMagic's Beat Tapper and run VenueMagic Timelines from within VirtualDJ. This plugin will be available for use with the new release of VenueMagic DMX+AV and VenueMagic SC+. The version required is currently in BETA and has an expected release date of August 31st, 2011.


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