VenueMagic Advanced Features:
  • Calibrate lamp level min/max for improved lamp life
  • Correct lamp level non-linearity
  • Set scaling and travel limits for moving heads independent of timelines
  • Scaling and processing of DMX, MIDI and joystick input
  • Multiple DMX merge modes: HTP, LTP, LoTP, scale, additive, average.
  • Intelligent lighting effects know how to best utilize your fixtures capabilities.
  • Intelligent fixture re-mapping lets you replace a fixture in your timeline with a different fixture. This lets you load and playback timelines that were designed for entirely different fixtures.
  • Prints out fixture address assignments and switch settings for easy setup of DMX fixtures.
  • Merge multiple lamp effect tracks together into one channel (or group of channels) to great amazing new effects. “Superimpose” one timeline on top of another.

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